Backdrops and Stage Scrims

Backdrops and Stage Scrims are in high demand here in Music City.
Nashville Sign and Graphics produces backdrops for any occasion or event.We offer products that are fire retardant, Versa Fabric that is lighter than vinyl, wrinkle resistant and breathes for outdoor stages.

Vinyl is commonly used for smaller stages and usually found in some of the best honky-tonks around.Either product can be finished with pole pockets on the top or bottom, or grommets, whatever you require. Velcro is available if suitable for your project.

Printed panels are hemmed together for anything larger than 5 ft wide.Our large format printer has the ability to print any length that you may need, and on 100’s of different substrates (that word again) like mesh, canvas and other types of fabrics.

Stop by Nashville Sign and Graphics, and let’s discuss your next project.